Follicular Unit Extraction FUE


The most advanced technology in hair restoration. Permanent, guaranteed and minimally invasive. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair replacement safely harvests individual hair follicles and transplants them to the desired areas. This innovative hair transplant technology is the most advanced method in hair transplant to date.

Why Choose Sculpting MD?

We partnered with NeoGraft® and Venus team, the leading experts in hair transplant worldwide to bring this technology to you and make it accessible and affordable for everyone. 

When considering hair transplant you should think about the technology and the artistry in designing your hairline. 

Combining Dr. Jaroje’ artistic approach and his extensive medical and hair transplant expertise is essential for delivering the best cosmetic results. A skilled physician understands not only the technical aspects of procedures but also the nuances of aesthetics. Dr. J approaches each patient as a unique canvas, considering facial proportions, symmetry, and individual preferences. By merging medical expertise with an artistic eye, he can tailor treatments to enhance natural beauty while addressing specific concerns. This holistic approach fosters trust and communication between the doctor and patient, resulting in personalized treatment plans and exceptional outcomes. Additionally, ongoing education and staying abreast of advancements in both medicine and aesthetics ensure that the doctor remains at the forefront of delivering the highest quality cosmetic results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FUE stand for?

It stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is one of the first steps in hair transplantation. Single hairs are carefully removed from the scalp and prepped. Later, each follicle is re-inserted in the space where our patients expect to thicken the hair.

How long does FUE surgery last?

The time for Follicular Unit Extraction surgery depends on a patient’s personal hair loss circumstances. Surgery time can take up to three hours. We may break out FUE sessions into several days, but the process is typically completed in one visit. You can come check out our facility located in Southborough MA with plenty of parking prior to decide on the procedure anytime.

Is FUE surgery painful?

Our goal for every surgery is to deliver a painless experience for our patients. Normally the pain of FUE surgery is minimal. Dr. J posses extensive expertise and the most advanced technologies in local anesthetic, so FUE procedure is easy and comfortable.

Is FUE noticeable?

In the “old days” of hair transplantation, surgeons would remove an entire strip of donor hair at the back of the head. Which leaves a horrible scar. Today hair transplant surgery may be completely unnoticeable to the human eye. The precise and careful FUE process with NeoGraft is designed to choose the best hair follicles from all over the head, with no need to “hide” the scarring from the back of the head.